New Construction Designer

Hire a New Construction Designer

Building your own house is exciting. You get to create the exact home you want, adding every bit of functionality and form that works best for you. Building your own home will allow you to think of every last detail and customize your home to work well for your family. Thinking of everything you need in your home can be tricky, especially with how overwhelming construction can be. Hiring a new construction designer can help make light work of difficult decisions. A new construction designer can help you learn what works best for your family and include your new home's necessary functionality. At California Interiors, we are happy to work alongside families and builders to create an all-inclusive, harmonious design that works well for your needs.

One of the most significant benefits of working with a new construction designer is streamlining the communication process with an interior architect. Often, an interior architect is tasked with putting together a plan with a good flow and functionality for your family. The interior architect not only needs to make something that functions well but looks nice too. By partnering with the designer, the team can put together a practical yet beautiful plan and blend it well with all aspects of the home. Creating harmony in a space is what makes a design successful. Let the team at California Interiors work with your builder and interior architect to create a stunning design that fits your lifestyle. Trust the California Interiors team to be timely, communicative, and responsive to your every question and need. We bridge the gap with the construction and architectural crew so that you don't have to.